About Rating

The MMORPG.TOP project was founded in 2020 by a team of developers with the aim of uniting and creating a community of gamers from various games, countries and continents, as well as providing a platform for fair competition between game projects without cheating and buying places in the rating.

We are supporters of fair competition, and we hope that our product will allow players to freely communicate, exchange opinions, vote for their favorite servers and see the objective situation on the gaming industry market.

Every day we improve our project adding new functions, improving protection against attacks and bots, and also investing funds to promote our rating, and, accordingly, the game servers that are presented in it.

In addition to the usual monthly server rating, we have provided a daily rating - this allows new projects not to wait for the beginning of the next month to reset the votes, and to users to receive the most recent and reliable information about gaming servers.

We also have a separate direction for communication between users - a forum, where all players can follow updates, discuss projects, exchange opinions and just communicate.

If you have ideas, suggestions or comments regarding our project - be sure to contact us.